Computer Generated Music You Might Actually Like

This morning I was listening to the local NPR station, and the topic of Wikipedia came up.

Wikipedia is a popular site, and at least part of the time you can get accurate information from it.  Registered users are allowed to submit entries and edit existing posts, which is why the accuracy is hit or miss.  Not all users list their sources, and between narcissists and trolls the process can turn into a dueling keyboards thing.

Don’t use Wikipedia for your PhD. thesis.

The radio report wasn’t about holes in Wikipedia’s credibility, although it did emphasize the constant activity by users.  A website called Hatnote plays music prompted by Wikipedia activity.

Immediately after listening to the report, I tried looking for it online.  Maybe it was too soon, and maybe the story just won’t appear online.  An explanation of Hatnote’s music appears on their own site, though.  To read about and hear this New Age genre, here are links to two separate pages on Hatnote’s site:


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