KTVU Personality Pat McCormick Is Alive And Well

If you’ve spent your life in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll remember Pat McCormick on KTVU Channel 2.

This week, it was mistakenly reported that Mr. McCormick had passed away.

During the 1960s and 70s, Pat McCormick hosted two local daytime shows, Dialing For Dollars and Charley And Humphrey.

Dialing For Dollars occupied a 1:00-3:00 p.m. weekday time slot which included a movie and periodic telephone calls to Bay Area residential numbers.  Hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars were awarded to viewers who could answer questions proving they were watching.

Charley And Humphrey was a children’s after school show featuring two puppets, Charley Horse and a Bulldog named Humphrey Hambone.  Mr. McCormick did voices for both, and also controlled the puppets’ movements.  Cartoons shared the airtime.

On one occasion, Pat McCormick appeared at the close of Dialing For Dollars wearing only undergarments, saying he was getting ready to run over to the part of the studio where Charley And Humphrey was aired live.  He explained he was most comfortable in his undies when sitting in the tiny space where he operated the puppets.  Immediately after offering that explanation, he bolted from his seat and ran out of camera range.

Mr. McCormick’s Yorkshire Terrier, Lisa, appeared with him at least a couple of times on Dialing For Dollars.

Later, Pat McCormick was assigned as Meteorologist for the station’s 10 p.m. newscast.  He is now retired and living in Oregon.

Please forgive me if this reads like an obituary.  We’ll call it An Appreciation of Pat McCormick’s Work, okay?  I grew up with Charley And Humphrey.

Some of Charley And Humphrey’s performances are available on YouTube.  Here’s an undated public service announcement.

Here’s a link to KTVU’s follow-up to the erroneous report:


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