Some LDS Members Leave Church In Protest Of Homophobic Family Policy

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints has always emphasized family bonds.  At one time that included sister wives, and even now the church’s officials claim polygamous families remain together in eternity.

In any era, a religion’s emphasis on “Family Values” can create some nasty disputes.  When members accept every bit of dogma, they’re persuaded to abuse or disown loved ones who don’t conform.

Now, the LDS leadership is seeing what happens when the public is genuinely enlightened on family values, and it isn’t going too smoothly for the church.  When it was announced that children raised by same-sex parents would have to wait until age eighteen, move out of their parents’ homes and denounce homosexuality before they could be baptized, it prompted controversy within the church’s own membership.  An institution which has always told individuals they exist as part of a family was backpedaling because of objections to gay parents.

No one in my family has practiced Mormonism since my maternal grandmother and her siblings left Utah circa 1920, and personally I don’t know how Mormons are instructed to respond when family members are excommunicated.  Are they ordered to shun loved ones who are kicked out of the church?  If any of you know the answer, I’ll appreciate it if you leave a comment.

An openly gay single parent, Jackie Biskupski, has been elected Mayor of Salt Lake City.  I’m guessing voters elected her based on her record, and not because they were eager to beat San Francisco in achieving a milestone (although they did that, too).

Be that as it may, here’s a link to an online news article about the letters LDS officials will be receiving soon.

I’ll add a bit of my own middle brow creative work, using word magnets.  Trust me, it’s harder than it looks.  To see an enlargement of the word magnet message, click the image.  Then you can click the back arrow to return to this page.                                                             151115-124436

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