The Brutal, Dubious Glamour Of Bloomingdale’s

Rape is not funny, and it isn’t sophisticated social behavior.  We’re reminded of that all the time, thanks to caring, honest — and justifiably angry — people who want to avert tragedies.

Still, some people don’t get it.  Now it’s evident that an entire group of individuals in a print advertisement’s chain of command let this basic wisdom slip past them, and Bloomingdale’s management is apologizing.

Apologies aren’t worthless, but if the persons involved had actual respect for women — and men — there’d be no offensive ad requiring an apology in the first place.

I’ve seen only a small percentage of Twitter posts from people reacting to this shock.  A few are entered as screenshots below.  On a computer (and possibly on other devices) you can enlarge each screenshot by clicking it.  Then click the back arrow to return to this page.  Thank you in advance to all of you who are raising hell about this.

Screenshot (83)Screenshot (84) Screenshot (85)

In case anyone hasn’t yet heard about this disgrace, here’s a link to a news article.

You know what’s really weird?  Some people who hear about this are still going to be obsessing on the Starbucks holiday cup.

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