LDS Church Sees Limits To Glorifying The Family

This is disgraceful.  It’s also an example of an institution playing with people’s emotions to maintain power.  The New York Times is reporting on a policy for requiring children of same sex couples to turn eighteen, move out of their parents’ homes and state that homosexuality is wrong before they can be baptized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  A link to the Times article appears below.

Currently, the church is on the offensive and the defensive at the same time.  This happens all the time with powerful people who are wrong.  Society in general — which includes many individual Mormons — is maturing, and church officials are holding their noses while making the inevitable concessions.  They don’t give any more than necessary, and they don’t draw the line at hypocrisy.  It’s a strategy, not a matter of taking a moral position.

The LDS Church emphasizes family bonds.  Anyone familiar with the human condition knows there are some families (including their own) who should disown a few destructive people, but the church hasn’t taken a strong stand on helping them do that.  The church has social workers, but personally all I know of their social work involved trying to shame my grandmother into returning to the church after she left.

Couples married in the church are sealed for eternity, and getting a Cancellation of Sealing can be difficult and humiliating.  For a personal account of the process, please consider reading the memoir Secret Ceremonies by Deborah Laake.

In case you read the Times article too fast — or skipped it entirely, here’s a screenshot of two paragraphs from the article (click the screenshot to see an enlargement, and then click the back arrow to return to this page).  No matter where you stand on the topic of marriage equality or religion, I hope you will agree this new church policy is not pro-family.Screenshot (73)

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