Privacy (Nonfiction) by Garret Keizer


Privacy by Garret Keizer


Published by Picador in 2012 — Original Paperback



The topic of privacy has prompted some emotional debates concerning politics, law, national security, health, philosophy and basic decency.  I never thought I’d see it addressed so well in 154 pages.


Garret Keizer has a sophisticated grasp of the ways personal matters are shared, and how fear, curiosity, cultural differences and other factors influence boundaries.  Although he cites Supreme Court decisions, the author is careful not to turn his book into a political or legal statement.  He encourages the reader to think of privacy as something we deal with on different levels every day.


Most human instinct is more complicated than we assume.  We learn from reading the right books, and still must be aware that there are things we don’t understand.  We can read Privacy to find a few answers, but in most of the book the author offers something even more important: Questions.


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