Robert Reich’s Wisdom

This morning I found one of Robert Reich’s most recent posts on my Facebook News Feed. Dr. Reich is a true scholar because he encourages others to think.  I rarely disagree with him, but that isn’t the reason I respect him.  I respect him because he isn’t looking for trusting followers.  He examines an issue carefully and starts a conversation.  He respects others’ right to think. Click the date printed in blue below to view Dr. Reich’s Facebook post. On Friday, a gunman killed three at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, later telling police “no more baby parts’’… Posted … Continue reading Robert Reich’s Wisdom

Fun On Twitter

On Friday night, I noticed a “trending hashtag” on Twitter.  It looked as if it had potential to be a real rip-snorter, so I got to work. Like it or not, we’re responsible for what we do after drinking coffee or that crap they sell in small bottles.  I am not in denial about this, but in my defense the drug of choice was in a large Pepsi I drank while enjoying a late afternoon slice of pizza. Sweetened carbonated drinks seem so innocent.  We can be misled — easily. Okay, I wasn’t misled.  I knew exactly what I was … Continue reading Fun On Twitter

Tragedy In Colorado Springs

An update from CNN says a police officer in Colorado Springs, CO has died after a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic.  Our thoughts should be with that officer and everyone else who is affected by this horror. The public's reaction to this tragedy should have nothing to do with the way anyone feels about abortion, contraceptives… Posted by Helen Christie on Friday, November 27, 2015 Continue reading Tragedy In Colorado Springs

Keep Pets Safe During The Holidays

One of my Twitter pals has shared a list of traditional Thanksgiving foods which are dangerous to animals.  Some are toxic, some pose a choking hazard and at least one — unbaked dough — can injure the digestive tract. If you plan things right, pets can be included in holiday celebrations without being endangered.  The right food, clean water, safe toys and plenty of affection are among the basics. Social media shout out to @PugSadie Continue reading Keep Pets Safe During The Holidays

Computer Generated Music You Might Actually Like

This morning I was listening to the local NPR station, and the topic of Wikipedia came up. Wikipedia is a popular site, and at least part of the time you can get accurate information from it.  Registered users are allowed to submit entries and edit existing posts, which is why the accuracy is hit or miss.  Not all users list their sources, and between narcissists and trolls the process can turn into a dueling keyboards thing. Don’t use Wikipedia for your PhD. thesis. The radio report wasn’t about holes in Wikipedia’s credibility, although it did emphasize the constant activity by … Continue reading Computer Generated Music You Might Actually Like

NYC Subway Audio Expected To Change

Part of the experience of being in New York City — whether you live there or are just visiting — is the sound. Depending on exactly where you are in the city, you expect to hear something in particular.  If it’s a bit off, you’re likely to notice. The MTA is looking for ways to cut the amount of time subway trains sit at platforms, and one proposal will change the audio experience.  They’re already testing one possible change. The link goes to a June 19 article with plenty of audio and video samples to satisfy any outsider’s craving … Continue reading NYC Subway Audio Expected To Change

Puddin’ Don’t: A Pug For The Twenty-First Century

Posted by Helen Christie on Friday, November 20, 2015   We don’t hear from Puddin’ as often as we used to, but he speaks up when necessary.  To benefit from Puddin’s wisdom, please consider following this Everypug hero on social media. Puddin’s human assistant, Jake Barlow, is a Bay Area cartoon panel artist who is dedicated to raising funds for animal welfare organizations. To see today’s Puddin’ Don’t cartoon drawing, click “Continue Reading” to go to the page with the link.  Then click the date printed in blue at the top of the post. Continue reading Puddin’ Don’t: A Pug For The Twenty-First Century