S.F.P.D. Shooting, 8th & Market Streets, Oct. 15

Yesterday afternoon, a helicopter hovered a few blocks away from my building. I hoped nothing bad had happened.  Often, a news outlet or the Police Department will fly a helicopter for non-emergency purposes, and most of us in Downtown San Francisco have learned not to panic. After the noise continued for awhile, something upsetting turned up on Twitter.  SFPD Officer Grace Gatpandan (username @OfficerGrace) warned the public to avoid the area around 8th and Market Streets, due to “police activity”. 8th & Market is a busy area.  The Main Public Library and a Holiday Inn are close by, and new … Continue reading S.F.P.D. Shooting, 8th & Market Streets, Oct. 15

San Francisco Sheriff’s Race

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will be up for re-election on November 3, with two other candidates running for the same office.  Many voters are uncomfortable with Mirkarimi because of scandals involving the Sheriff’s Department and an incident in Mirkarimi’s home shortly before he was sworn into office. It’s impossible to know whether any of the Sheriff Department scandals on Mirkarimi’s watch — including the death of Lynn Spaulding after she went missing at S.F. General Hospital — could have been averted if a different candidate had been elected Sheriff a few years ago. A moral argument can be made … Continue reading San Francisco Sheriff’s Race

First Rate Memoir by Amanda Knox, Waiting To Be Heard

Waiting To Be Heard Amanda Knox Harper Torch Trade Paperback $15.99 Most people in the United States and Great Britain have probably heard of Amanda Knox, and strong opinions fall on every point of the spectrum. In November 2007, a college student from Great Britain, Meredith Kercher, was murdered in Perugia, Italy.  The crime was committed in a home she shared with others, including an American, Amanda Knox.  Ms. Kercher’s future was taken away from her, and we should always show respect for her memory when discussing this topic. One way to show respect for a murder victim is to … Continue reading First Rate Memoir by Amanda Knox, Waiting To Be Heard

Maybe The Media Didn’t Get This Right.

By now, most of us have heard about the lawsuit filed by a woman in the Northeastern U.S. against a young relative who accidentally broke her wrist a few years ago. Jennifer Connell asked for $127,000 in damages, and all hell broke loose when the news media got wind of it.  Media outlets have been reporting this story as a hateful freak show, and Ms. Connell is being portrayed as a monster. In fairness, please consider clicking the link below for an article in The Guardian.  That paper’s reporter thought to ask questions which some other so-called journalists missed. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/14/aunt-nephew-broken-wrist-lawsuit-homeowners-insurance?CMP=share_btn_fbContinue reading Maybe The Media Didn’t Get This Right.

Blue Angels Fly Over San Francisco

At the moment, I’m sitting in my apartment and feeling grateful for double-paned windows. The Blue Angels are controversial, for good reason.  Although they offer exciting entertainment and serve as good public relations for the Armed Forces, there have been fatal accidents.  To my knowledge, none of those accidents injured anyone on the ground because the planes were flying over sparsely populated areas. I never heard of The Blue Angels until 1984, when they conducted an unannounced rehearsal during the work week over San Francisco.  Some people in the City knew the air show was scheduled for that weekend, but … Continue reading Blue Angels Fly Over San Francisco