The San Francisco Treat? Whatever.

I confess.  I believed this commercial jingle for years.

You can’t imagine how much better I feel after admitting that.  The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.

Actually, during my entire childhood and adolescence, I heard adults claim Rice-A-Roni was no more popular in San Francisco than anyplace else.  I called bullshit on them.  Every one of them.  I had graphs, pie charts, statistics, gossip column clippings and cable car advertising to prove them wrong.

I don’t recall when I was forced out of my denial state and considered the possibility that the San Francisco Municipal Railway and an advertising agency were just taking money from Rice-A-Roni’s parent company in return for playing along.

Maybe someone with too much ambition thought calling the product “The San Francisco Treat” often enough would make it so.  If that’s the case, did that person finally snap back to reality when the jingle changed to something about saving a potato?

We may never know.

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