Bob Fosse’s Genius

Recently, I read something on the internet suggesting Michael Jackson didn’t create the Moonwalk which is attributed to him.  He may have named it, but the dance was around before he made it famous. Moonwalk is defined narrowly by some people as a backward slide across the floor.  I’ve always been under the impression it’s something more complicated, including many of the steps in the Bob Fosse video shared on this post.  However, I’m not a dancer or a choreographer, so I could be completely off the mark here.  At any rate, the backward slide and the other steps were performed … Continue reading Bob Fosse’s Genius

LDS Church Contradicts Itself On Marriage Equality

Disclosure: I descended from Mormons, but no one in my family has practiced the religion since my maternal grandmother and her siblings moved from Utah to California and married “gentiles,” as the church calls them.  Personally, I have negative feelings toward the church’s social work program because those workers occasionally visited my grandmother unannounced and tried to bully her into returning to the church. Apostle Dallin H. Oaks of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced that the LDS Church is in disagreement with Kim Davis, the County Clerk in Kentucky who denied marriage licenses to same … Continue reading LDS Church Contradicts Itself On Marriage Equality

Branden and James “Hallelujah” Video

(Update: When I reviewed this post on August 18, 2017, more than one video was available through the link below.  The original post alluded to one recording, titled Hallelujah.  The site and video of Hallelujah are still online, and recommended.) I discovered this site just a few minutes ago.  Please take a look at the music video.  It’s beautiful. Continue reading Branden and James “Hallelujah” Video

TWA Terminal at JFK Airport

Standing outside of Terminal 5 at JFK three years ago, I thought the vacant TWA Terminal was an eyesore.  I was tempted to ask when George Jetson and his family moved out. There’s more to it than that, though.  Click the link below to see text, photos and video which go way beyond the concrete impression I had. In my defense, I saw the building from the outside after spending the night on a red eye from SFO.  The coffee they sold in Terminal 5 was not my brand (is that a delicate way of putting it, or what?), so … Continue reading TWA Terminal at JFK Airport

New Mammogram Guidelines To Approach With Caution

Disclaimer: I have no healthcare credentials, and this post is strictly an opinion piece in response to a news report.  A link to the report appears at the end of this post.   When I read in The NY Times that The American Cancer Society had issued new, less rigid guidelines for mammograms in preventive care, my first reaction was relief.  Earlier this year, a routine screening mammogram produced ambiguous results, and I had to go back for more x-rays.  I got a clean bill of health on the same day as the follow-up procedure, but it was stressful and … Continue reading New Mammogram Guidelines To Approach With Caution