Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven…

Melania Trump has made a so-called surprise visit to a detention center for young undocumented immigrants.  Just look at how nice the place looks in the photograph.  It could be a kindergarten classroom. Now we’re supposed to feel assured the children are indeed treated well.  If so, why weren’t Members of Congress allowed to visit other facilities? Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe. Continue reading Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven…

Scam Phone Calls

It isn’t easy to be streetwise when someone is messing with your head.  However, you’d better make the effort when someone calls you on the phone and suggests you’ll need to pay him/her money to handle an emergency. Please click the link below to read a CNBC article on MSN’s site. Continue reading Scam Phone Calls

Robert De Niro, Enlightened Tough Guy

Here’s a clip from last night’s Tony Awards, with a nice article.  Artists really don’t like Donald Trump.  In case you haven’t heard about Robert De Niro’s brief commentary, be warned it includes a word you probably haven’t heard anyone utter in at least the past twenty minutes.  Well, you won’t hear the word — just the bleep. Continue reading Robert De Niro, Enlightened Tough Guy

Not Understanding Suicide

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The claims made in this post are based on personal experience and common observations.) The public reactions to reports of Anthony Bourdain’s death have been, for the most part, respectful.  They should be.  People who weren’t acquainted with him should note only his professional accomplishments and other things he allowed into the public record.  Appreciate what he shared, and respect boundaries so we aren’t debating things Mr. Bourdain didn’t share. I’m guessing that most public figures who end their own lives don’t want their actions interpreted as endorsements of suicide.  It’s hard … Continue reading Not Understanding Suicide

This Isn’t Unheard of in the United States, Either

At the end of this post, please click the link to an article on The Independent’s site.  It describes how forty-seven prosecutions for sex offenses in the jurisdiction covering England and Wales have been dismissed due to lack of disclosure by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Defense attorneys were kept in the dark about details that could have helped their clients.  This happens in many countries, including the United States.  We’ll never know how many innocent people have spent time in prison or had their reputations ruined after oversights or corruption interfered with their defense.  Likewise, we’ll never know how many dangerous … Continue reading This Isn’t Unheard of in the United States, Either